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In India, trusts set up for the social causes and approved by the Income Tax Department get not only exemption from payment of tax but also the donors to such trusts can deduct the amount of donation to the trust from their taxable income. The legal framework in India recognizes activities including "relief of the poor, education, medical relief, preserving monuments and environment and the advancement of any other object of general public utility" as charitable purposes. Companies formed under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 for promoting charity also receive benefits under law including exemption from various procedural provisions of the Companies Act, either fully or in part, and are also entitled to such other exemptions that the Central Government may accord through its orders. .

Donations to Sri Ammaiappann Charitable Trust are accepted for the purposes of :

Donations can be sent by cheque/demand draft/ drawn in favor of SRI Ammaiappann Charitable Trust in any currency with a covering letter mentioning (a) name and address of the donor (b) purpose of donation,

Addressed to: :

           Alternatively, such donations can be sent by Online to our a/c with Indian Bank, for which the required details are given below:


            Bank Details

Sri Ammaiappann Charitable Trust

Acc No: 6408413821

Bank & Branch Address

Indian Bank : Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600078

Type of Account: Current


Cnt No.
Email ID

        File Download

Donors are requested to send details with name and complete address of donor, purpose of donation to us immediately after the transfer to the following email-id to enable us to send the receipt.